Going on trips with Saltwater Studies has changed my attitude (and my kids’ attitudes) toward the beach in so many ways. There was a time when we would go to the beach and need to bring stuff to entertain ourselves and the kids. It makes me laugh thinking back to that now. The kids and I now have a better grasp on the things we are seeing, the environment, the sea life, etc. We are excited to explore and to be in God’s creation, appreciating what He has made and the ways it reflects His character. I no longer look at a trip to the beach like a ‘day off of learning’ or a wasted day. I look at it as more valuable than anything we could be doing with books and papers. I am indebted to Christa and the heart the Lord has given her for educating students and their families about the beauty of creation. I am changed because of what she is doing with her life.
— Homeschool Parent, Florida

My daughter and I attended the Introduction to Snorkeling field trip and we had a blast. Christa Jewett is amazing and super knowledgeable about the plants and animals at the park. We cannot wait to meet up at another event. Thank you, Christa!
— Sheryl, Florida

Saltwater Studies with Christa Jewett and the many field trips, dissections, and demonstration are some of the best highlights of my three boys’ homeschool career. When we are enjoying the beach, fishing, or even talking about anything marine, my kids will rattle off something amazing and then say, ‘Ms. Christa taught me that.’ She engages students with such excitement and knowledge for God’s creation that it contagiously rubs off on them. Amazing lessons with an amazing woman!
— Euinice, Florida

I am a tutor for a local homeschool co-op called Classical Conversations and we had a Field Trip with Christa at Saltwater Studies and it was amazing. Her attention to detail, time she puts into each presentation and ability to keep children’s attention is truly her gift from God. I highly recommend these classes!
— Tammy, Florida

We have done multiple field trips with Saltwater Studies. Most recently, we have done two snorkeling field trips and I just love the passion that Christa has for God’s creation and how much she loves to share her knowledge of these sea creatures. My kids had an amazing time. We have also done the tidal survey field trip and enjoyed that, as well. All around great fun while learning so much!
— Valerie, Florida

Loved, loved, loved our field trip to Peanut Island today with Saltwater Studies, Inc.!!! Christa is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about sea creatures and gifted with engaging little minds in learning all about God’s glorious creation! She did such a beautiful job of connecting our compassionate, creator God with his love and amazing craftsmanship of his precious sea creatures!
— Lisa, Florida

My family and I went to one of their classes in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago. As a Father and a husband, I loved the fact that my family was able to learn about the world around them from a biblical perspective. I am attempting to convince more of our homeschoolers to go on a field trip next time!
— David, Florida

Saltwater Studies has been fundamental in my son’s love for the marine biology, the ocean and its inhabitants. This is not just a class or field trip but an eye and heart opener for kids & adults alike, to the wonder of creation and our Creator. But let me be clear the science & exploration of SWS is phenomenal. The things my son has come home telling us about, let’s just say I’m thankful for Google! Wonderful opportunities for the whole family or any group!
— Niki, Florida