In His Timing

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"He has made everything beautiful in its time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11a (NKJV)

I LOVE sea cucumbers. They are one of my favorite animals. Why? Because I love things that surprise. At first glance, it is not even apparent that this is an animal let alone that it has an awesome set of defensive mechanisms like being able to spit out internal organs and regrow them or the ability to liquify its skin. But the sea cucumber and another important feature in this picture, its poop, is incredible for another reason. Sea cucumber waste is fundamentally important to marine environments, providing essential nutrients to other organisms. It is especially important to reef-building corals which use calcium carbonate released in a sea cucumber's waste material to build their skeletons; skeletons which are the foundation for the epic beauty of the coral reef environment. And in that relationship, we see a picture of God doing what He says He will do, bringing beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:3) and making everything beautiful in its time.

Christa Jewett