Saltwater Studies offers a variety of services and products.  This at-a-glance menu is provided to help you discover what service or product is best for you. Contact us for additional information!  Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for photos from recent events.


All Saltwater Studies events present scientific information from a biblical perspective based on the truth found in Romans 1:20 – that all Creation testifies of God.


Saltwater Studies offers 1 to 2 hour classes in association with established Co-Op groups or parent enrichment programs such as Classical Conversations.  Classes are also offered upon request to groups of 10 or more participants.  Classes can be tailored to cover specific topics or coordinated with an established curriculum schedule.  These classes are available for children three to fourteen years of age.  There is a minimum class size of six to eight students, depending on the location. Learn more!
Cost: $12.00 – $20.00/person*

*Fee per class

Marine Science Club Newsletter

Saltwater Studies distributes a weekly newsletter for participants featuring a biblically-based article on a marine related topic, suggested activities for supplemental learning, supplemental videos and web-based information and devotional.  The Marine Science Club is appropriate for all ages. Learn more!
Cost: $10.00/month


Saltwater Studies offers hands-on laboratories that cover a variety of topics including organism identification, water quality monitoring and dissections.  Laboratories are available upon request for groups of ten or more participants.
Cost: $15.00 – $55.00/person

Field Trips

Saltwater Studies offers a variety of field trips year-round at a variety of locations throughout South Florida.  These are one-time, hands-on events that are appropriate for all ages.  Field trips are between 1 to 4 hours.  Each field trip has a five person minimum. Learn more!
Cost: $10.00 – $40.00/person

Guided Excursions

Saltwater Studies offers full-day Guided Excursions for children and adults at locations throughout South Florida.  Potential activities include kayaking, snorkeling, a beach walk and wildlife viewing. Each Guided Excursion has a 14-person minimum group size.Learn more!
Cost: $50.00 – $90.00/person

Field Courses

Saltwater Studies offers field courses that vary in length from 3 weeks to a full school year.  These courses provide students with hands-on experience studying the marine environment using scientific techniques and concepts employed by professionals.  These courses are appropriate for children in 4th through 12th grades. Learn more!
Cost: $60.00 – $320.00/person

One-on-One Classes or Tutoring

Saltwater Studies offers classes and hands-on activities in a one-on-one setting based on your student’s likes and interests.
Cost: $75.00/hour

Classroom Courses

Saltwater Studies offers full-year middle school and high school level Marine Biology Courses in association with established Co-Ops or parent enrichment programs such as BEHC. Learn more!
Cost: Varies depending on length

Speaking Engagements

Saltwater Studies regularly speaks to parents and other adults about marine science and teaching biblically-based education at a variety of locations including homeschool groups, schools and churches.
Cost: Varies

Tailored Experiences

Saltwater Studies will create a tailored marine-related experience for groups of 10 or more.  From one-time classes or field trips to monthly field days, Saltwater Studies will create an exciting learning experience that meets the needs of your students or group.
Cost: Varies

Beach Clean-Ups

Saltwater Studies offers regular service projects and ministry days in the form of beach clean-ups out of a heart to honor the Lord by taking care of His Creation.  Beach Clean-ups are scheduled in both Broward County and Palm Beach County.
Cost: None



Teaching Curriculum 

Saltwater Studies offers a workbook targeted to homeschooling moms that addresses how to offer a biblically-based science curriculum to your children.  The workbook titled Teaching Biblically-Based Science is available on
Cost: $10.00/book

Saltwater Studies T-Shirts

Saltwater Studies offers t-shirts in both youth and adult sizes in three different colors: pink, blue and green.  T-shirts are available upon request. See a sample!
Cost: $15.00 for youth sizes; $20.00 for adult sizes